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Creating a More Sustainable Relationship Between People and Work

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Imagining a Better Future 

Before the pandemic hit, our institutions were rooted in decades-old norms, policies, and expectations about the nature of work. Most leaders knew there were better ways to work--not just for their own energy but also for their teams’. But most of us couldn’t even imagine what a new relationship between people and work could look like...not unless we could start with a clean slate. The pandemic has handed us that clean slate, a Great Reset, and we can now begin to imagine what a better future for people and work can look like.

  • Do you and your leadership team have a clear plan for bringing people back to work in 2021? How can you drive these decisions most inclusively?

  • How can team members connect after so much time apart? How can you rekindle the energy of the group? 

  • What elements of remote work made things easier and more efficient? How can you define, maintain, and protect what worked better during the pandemic? What can you do to avoid falling back into cultural defaults that few people missed?

We invite you to join Ori Brafman and Tom Rath at the Fully Charged Institute for an in-person planning and reconnecting session with your organization’s top leaders. Hosted at our socially distanced Charging Lab an hour from DC, this one-day conversation will focus on how your organization can best navigate the Great Reset. Your team will challenge themselves and develop concrete, specific, actionable ways to forge a very different relationship with one another: one that puts well-being back into each person’s life, rather than just extracting as much value as possible. We will help you find ways to create sustainable performance and ensure that you and your employees leave at the end of the day with more energy than when you arrived.


Our research and experience show that work can and should be far more energizing than it was before the pandemic. As we emerge from this challenging year, we are confident that it can be a catalyst to create a different and more sustainable workplace for the future.

Contact us today for more information.

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Creating a Healthier, More Sustainable Workplace

Fully Charged Institute was founded in 2017 with a single mission: to teach leaders how to leverage human potential to achieve sustainable high performance. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop unique strategies for creating a healthier relationship between people and work rooted in the essential elements of energy and well-being.

Though our goal remains the same, the 2020 global pandemic has provided us with a clean slate in which to imagine a better future for people and work. Are you ready to rethink the basic purpose of your organization and create a healthier, more sustainable place to work for your employees, their families, and the community? Contact us today for more information.

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Energizing Your Network for Sustainable High Performance

The Charging Lab at Fully Charged Institute
The Charging Lab at Fully Charged Institute
The Charging Lab at Fully Charged Institute


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Achieve Your Goals

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A Safe, Open, and Unique Space to Gather

Built high in the Blue Ridge Mountains on 97 acres overlooking the Shenandoah Valley, the Charging Lab is an ideal space for teams to gather safely in the DC area. Designed by the co-founders of the Fully Charged Institute, the Lab contains 4,800 square feet of fully customizable event space with a large commercial door opening to the fresh, clean mountain air. With plenty of room for social distancing, furniture and amenities that encourage movement and activity, and plenty of outdoor space to roam and split into small groups, we hope your team will feel safe and comfortable coming together to meet in this unique space. 

Also available for outdoor gatherings is the patio and deck area of the main lodge on the property. Just a 3-minute walk from the Charging Lab, the main lodge has over 2,000 square feet of Trex decking and flagstone patio surrounding the outdoor pool and grill. This space is ideal for cocktail hours and socializing at the conclusion of our day-long programs. 

The property is surrounded by hiking trails and is located in the middle of Virginia's wine country with countless breweries and wineries nearby. We are minutes from Sky Meadows State Park, Great Country Farms, Dirt Farm Brewery, Ashby Inn, Middleburg, Purcelville, Marshall, Winchester, and the Shenandoah River. We are just an hour to the metro DC area and roughly 30 minutes from Harper's Ferry and Dulles Airport.

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